The Original MacKenzie Walker Golf Bag
Carried on the world’s great golf courses since 1985

Crafted by hand in Portland, Oregon USA


The Original
MacKenzie Walker

The Original MacKenzie Walker

The Original Walker is 8 inches in diameter, and has two large pockets. One pocket holds all the balls, tees, and accessories you are likely to need, and the other is large enough to comfortably hold a windshirt and rainpants. If you can't fit what you need in the two pockets, you need a bigger caddie! Product page >

The Sunday
MacKenzie Walker

The Sunday MacKenzie Walker

A wonderful option for those times that you just want your clubs and a bunch of balls, although plenty of our customers report that this is their favorite everyday golf bag. The Sunday Walker is slightly smaller and lighter than the Original. It is 7 inches in diameter and has one large pocket. Product page >

Matching & Customized
Head Covers & Accessories

The Original MacKenzie all-leather Accessories

The Original MacKenzie Accessories are made of the finest leathers available. From the handcrafted Leather Headcovers, to the MacKenzie Shoe Bag, MacKenzie Shag Bag, the Drawstring Valuables Pouch or the new MacKenzie Wine Carrier, you can be sure the quality and craftsmanship of the product will last as long as you need it to. Product page >